The SOS4students Story

SOS4Students teaches tools students need to become more independent and self-reliant learners. Our focus on mastering executive function skills and overcoming learning differences and emotional challenges sets students up for lifetimes of competence, confidence, and success.

Sowing the Seeds

SOS4Students founder and director Beth Samuelson started her journey as an educator in 1985. She first taught elementary grades in San Francisco and Los Angeles area public schools, and later in private schools. She also provided academic support through an LA-based psychology practice, as well as provided college counseling, SAT prep, study skills/tutoring, and designed and delivered workshops for teens through various organizations.

With a Masters in Developmental Teacher Education, she came to teaching with a focus on cognitive and moral development. This cutting-edge field explores how students mature through several stages of cognitive ability spanning a continuum that ranges from concrete to abstract logical thought.

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Meet Beth Samuelson

SOS4Students Founder & Director

Beth Samuelson’s work educating and supporting teens, young adults, and parents spans more than 25 years, including the development of the unique SOS4Students model of one-on-one executive function coaching as well as student workshops, advocacy, teacher training, parent workshops, and on-site school programs.

As the founder and director of SOS4Students, she is a frequent and sought-after presenter and  keynote speaker known for her enthusiasm, energy, humor, insight, and straight talk. She regularly presents at conferences, schools, and educational institutes. She is former co-host of the radio show Your Teen Matters, and columnist for Bay Area Parents of Teens Magazine.

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Meet the SOS4Students Team

SOS4Students coaches are mature educators with more than 25 years of experience in the area of executive functioning. Each is passionate about and committed to working with students, families, educators, and clinicians to identify issues affecting student academic performance and to develop clear step-by-step plans for the way forward. Many have extensive experience in special education, school psychology, educational therapy, and advocacy.

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