Parenting for Independence: So, Who Do I Email? (April 2023)

Parenting for Independence: So, Who Do I Email?


Learn How Advocacy Supports Student Self-Sufficiency and Success

 Online Via Zoom
In this 75-minute online session covering advocacy, SOS4Students explores the ins and outs of when, how, and why parents should advocate for their children with school administrators and educators. SOS4Students also addresses steps to support student self-advocacy and what is reasonable to ask for with the school.

Understand Your Rights and Advocate with Schools

Advocacy is most effective when parents, students, academic coaches, educators, and school administrators work together. It can play a key role in getting and keeping students on track and improving family dynamics.

As a parent, do you,
  • Need help navigating the education system to advocate for your child?
  • Know what type of support your school provides?
  • Know who to reach out to at the school?
  • Understand your rights and your child’s rights working with schools?
  • Know how to improve or develop accommodation plans, an IEP, or 504 plan?
Does your student,
  • Need extra time or other modifications to complete assignments?
  • Feel comfortable asking teachers for extra help or more time?
  • Know how to reach out to their teachers?
  • Struggle to advocate for themselves, leading to indecision, inaction, and loss of confidence?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, this workshop and SOS4Students can help you better navigate the education system and begin advocating for your child more effectively.

Parenting for Independence: So, Who Do I Email?

  • 7:00 pm to 8:15 pm
  • Wednesday, April 26, 2023
  • Via Zoom
  • 60-Minute Workshop, plus 15-Minute Q&A Session


(Covers Two People Per Household)

  • $150 for single workshop

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  • $350 if you sign up for all three Parenting for Independence Workshops (February, March, April 2023) at once ($100 savings)

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What People Are Saying

“Thank you for the informative presentation last night. Loved your reality check, humor and presentation style.” (Donna Hays)

“As a parent of a three, I have attended innumerable presentations on communicating with your teenager, engaging your teenager, jumpstarting your teenager, etc. Your sense of humor, straightforward materials, and message of mutual trust and respect really resonated with me.” (Mara McGrath, VP Programming, Bishop O’Dowd Parent’s Association)

Private Workshops

With 30-days' notice, SOS4Students can create a private workshop for small groups of students who are friends/classmates (minimum group size is four). This is ideal if your students can't attend one of our workshops on the dates scheduled. Private workshops during the school year will be scheduled for Saturday or Sunday.

Contact us for more information and pricing.

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