Parenting for Independence: Wired for Chaos

Wired for Chaos: Executive Functioning and the Teen Brain


 Online Via Zoom
Using our understanding of neuroscience and child development, in this 75-minute session we address how executive functioning (EF) skills develop. We’ll also discuss factors that affect many teens today, such as sleep hygiene, technology, mental health, ADHD, ASD, and learning disorders.

As the parent of a teen, you may often wonder . . .
  • “What is going on in their head?”
  • “Why do I have to repeat myself so many times?”
  • “How come they remember to text their friends but not unload the dishwasher?”

The answers to these questions might be inside your child’s head . . . literally. Come learn what is realistic to expect of your child at various development ages, possible barriers to success, and how you can use scaffolds to guide your teens to meet their potential!

  • What to expect and how to boost teen autonomy and executive function.
  • What the teen brain looks like and how an adult brain differs.
  • The reasons teens can’t manage their time or get started on tasks easily.
Parenting for Independence: Wired for Chaos

  • Via Zoom
  • 75-Minutes (60-Minute Workshop, plus 15-Minute Q&A)


This workshop is no longer available. Future date to be determined.

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What People Are Saying

“Thank you for the informative presentation last night. Loved your reality check, humor and presentation style.” (Donna Hays)

“As a parent of a three, I have attended innumerable presentations on communicating with your teenager, engaging your teenager, jumpstarting your teenager, etc. Your sense of humor, straightforward materials, and message of mutual trust and respect really resonated with me.” (Mara McGrath, VP Programming, Bishop O’Dowd Parent’s Association)

Private Workshops

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