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SOS4Students teaches the tools students need to grow into independent and self-reliant learners. We focus on mastering executive function skills and overcoming learning differences and other challenges to set students up for lifetimes of competence, confidence, and success.

Who we are and why we believe focusing on the science of learning teaches tools students can use for a lifetime.

Meet the founder and director of SOS4Students, who is a frequent presenter, keynote speaker, and educational expert.

Our seasoned coaches are passionate about for working with families, educators, and clinicians to improve academic performance.

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Executive Function Skills are the Key to Boosting Academic Performance

What is Executive function?

Executive function skills are what help us to start, plan, prioritize, organize, encode, and retrieve information. They are like a prefrontal cerebral “control tower” that allows us to manage the demands life presents us at school, home, work . . . anywhere.

All tasks, actions, and activities also require us to have the ability to shift from one task to the next, attend to details, and set viable and actionable goals. Without executive function skills, students lack the fortitude and confidence they need to do well in school as self-reliant, independent learners.

We Can Help

Fortunately, executive function skills and strategies can be taught to smooth the transition from teen to young adulthood to full-fledge autonomy. It’s something SOS4Students does well! Contact us today to explore how we can support you and your student.

QUIZ: Does Your Student Need Our Help?
Does Your Student . . . ?
  • Get overwhelmed easily at school?
  • Complete assignments at the last minute?
  • Do the work but fail to turn it in?
  • Struggle with organization, focus, and the ability to plan?
  • Become easily distracted?
  • Lack follow through?
  • Quickly lose interest in projects and assignments?
  • Give up when assignments don’t go right?

We Can Help

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, SOS4Students can help. Contact us today about executive function coaching, workshops, consulting, and advocacy support for your student.


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