Does Your Student Need a Study Space Makeover?

Lack of proper study space for students leads to difficulties starting and completing homework, tracking assignments, and staying focused. Combining an in-home visit with follow-up recommendations, SOS4Students creates a custom “Study Space Makeover” plan that suits your student’s personality, learning style, and the family’s budget.

  • 1-on-1 Executive Function Coaching Online or In-Person
  • Year-Round Study Strategy and Skills Booster Student Workshops
  • Expertise and Support for 504 Plans, IEPs, Study Space Makeovers, and More
  • Parent Workshops & Consulting to Improve Communication and Reduce Stress at Home Related to School and Studies

Your student’s room . . .

  • Has a lot of distracting clutter
  • Is crowded—the space is not used efficiently
  • Has outmoded furniture and décor
  • Lacks a designated workspace or surface
  • Is shared with a younger (or older) sibling
  • Reflects your taste, not the student’s

A student’s study space needs evolve over time. What worked for your student as a fifth grader may simply no longer work for a high school student with three hours of homework each night and a budding career as an artist! Teens and tweens often share their study spaces with siblings or make their bedrooms serve as both a study space and a sleeping area. That’s OK—as long as the space works for studying and schoolwork. When it doesn’t, parents and students can often find themselves at an impasse trying to figure out a place and a plan that works.

In two hours, SOS4Students will work one-on-one with your teen in your home to create a plan for a study space that works within your budget. We can advise on all aspects of study space design, including rearranging the space, furniture and lighting recommendations, and how to optimize storage and filing. Together, we’ll create a plan to organize and clean the clutter so your student has an effective study space that also suits your student’s personality and learning style.

Our fee for a Study Space Makeover starts at $550. This includes two hours for an in-home assessment, plus a follow-up report and recommendations. Please complete our comprehensive Family and Student Intake Form to begin the process. We’ll review the information you provide and follow-up regarding next steps and scheduling.

(Note: If you live more than 30 minutes from the SOS4Students offices in Oakland or Walnut Creek, there will be additional fees for travel time.)

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