Beth Samuelson, Director

Beth Samuelson HeadshotBeth Samuelson’s work in educating and supporting teens, young adults, and parents spans more than 25 years, including the development of the unique SOS4Students model of one-to-one student coaching as well as workshops, advocacy, teacher training, parent workshops, and on-site school programs.

As the founder and director of SOS4Students, she is a frequent and sought after presenter at conferences, schools and educational institutes, former co-host of the radio show "Your Teen Matters," and columnist for Bay Area Parents of Teens magazine. Teens with ADD, learning disabilities, and executive functioning challenges are amongst those who have found academic success utilizing Beth's techniques.

Working with Beth and SOS4Students students and their parents develop customized strategies that help students stay engaged and focused in the process of learning. They become motivated, taking on their studies with confidence and independence. They learn to plan, prioritize and multi-task. Schoolwork that once seemed so overwhelming becomes manageable. Grades improve, frustration fades, and stresses at home and at school disappear.

Parents describe the amazing transformations they see in their children and subsequently their home lives as "miraculous," "magical," and "wonderful." They observe their "re-invented" children as happy, self-confident, organized, relaxed—and for the first time able to enjoy the rewards of their academic success.


As a recognized authority in academic coaching, Beth routinely conducts workshops and participates in conferences, locally and regionally including

  • The MIND Institute on Neurodevelopment Disorders at UC Davis
  • The Northern California Spina-Bifida conference
  • The PEN/Parents Education Network
  • Mt. Diablo School District
  • Lafayette School District

She and the SOS staff also conduct student workshops, academic workshops, teacher training, and parent workshops during the school year and over the summer. These workshops provide participants an opportunity to explore various learning styles and approaches, and to engage in hands-on exercises and discussions.

She also has become a much sought-after keynote speaker known for her enthusiasm, energy, humor, insight, and her ability to deliver straightforward messages.

A Few Personal Details...

Beth lives in Oakland, California with her husband (and chief web guy) Steven and their daughter Hannah. In their free time, they enjoy traveling, running, theater and entertaining their golden retriever and three cats. Beth also enjoys studying languages and seeing how many books she can read simultaneously. She loves dark chocolate and the Sunday New York Times.

An Invitation

Beth invites you to start your child along the path of success in the classroom . . . and a lifetime mastery of study and organizational skills. Contact her and the SOS team today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or (510) 531-4767.

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