Kiara Hasbrouck

Kiara Hasbrouck HeadshotKiara Hasbrouck is originally from Austin, Texas, but grew up overseas in Morocco. She first moved to the Bay Area for college back in 2014 where she earned her undergraduate in Sociology and her Master’s in Teaching from the University of San Francisco.

Since then, she has taught middle school science in the Bay Area and abroad in Morocco and is passionate about making science accessible for all students. She believes this happens best by intentionally making connections between the classroom and students’ lived experiences and by placing their interests at the forefront of any classroom curriculum.

As a passionate naturalist and self-proclaimed treehugger, Kiara spends as much time possible outdoors and in the sun. She believes connections between individuals and between the individual and the natural world are an essential part of a life well-lived. She loves traveling, hiking, biking, roller skating, and dancing.

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