Learn New Skills and Reinforce Essential Study Habits with Hands-On Workshop Intensives

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It’s hard to believe it’s the second semester of the school year already! Has your child’s academic performance met or exceeded expectations, or has his or her performance fallen short?

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If it’s the latter, maybe it's time to hit the restart button and look at some fresh approaches! Read below about two students who benefited from a study strategy “makeover" with SOS4Students.

Common Challenges Students Face

Meet Gary:

Sixth-grader, Gary, had always done well through the fifth grade, yet when he moved on to middle school, he began to underperform. He missed deadlines, failed to complete assignments, and his grades trended down. He insisted he had everything under control until reports from his teacher proved otherwise.  Multiple teachers and demands overwhelmed him, as did having to access work and assignments posted on multiple online platforms. His evenings were spent battling with his mom who nagged him to get started and get off Tic Toc. 

Gary had a busy after school sports schedule and had always excelled athletically. But practices and games added another time demand, competing with homework and test preparation. What Gary needed—and what most middle school students need—was to learn to manage his increased workload, tech distractions, and competing priorities.

Meet Elizabeth:

As she entered her sophomore year, Elizabeth discovered she needed help taking notes, especially for her Advanced Placement classes and studying for tests. The nightly reading load was proving voluminous and overwhelming.  She ended up copying text verbatim from the AP European History book because she couldn’t figure out how to decide what was important. “I thought it was all important!” she confessed to me.

Her notes were bullet point lists of facts without any hierarchy or narrative. Test grades suffered because she couldn’t recall information that she hadn't stored in her memory to begin with. What she needed were new tools and new techniques to help her identify key learning objectives, organize her notes, and write them in a way so the notes made sense to her and could be used as a study aid.

New Tools & Strategies Boost Performance

Parents of students attending SOS4Students’ workshops have called the sessions “the missing link” and “just what their their needed” to learn new techniques, widen their academic skill sets, and improve study habits.

It’s well-known that we are still developing our own executive functioning skills around memory and organizational skills well into our 20s, so it’s no wonder that students need to learn ways to remember assignments and manage multiple priorities—and they need reinforcement along the way to ensure that any new learning “sticks.”

Winter Workshops from SOS4Students - The Restart Button Your Teen May Need!

With these workshops from SOS4Students, teens have the chance to look closely at what isn’t working and to reboot with new study strategies, whether it’s a better note taking format or a way to jumpstart work without procrastination.  

Each 3.5-hour workshop takes place on February 8, 2020 at Lafayette Library (Oak Room) in Lafayette, CA. Act now, though, slots are filling fast. Register today to ensure your student has a spot:

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