Excellent Note Taking Can Boost Student Grades and Confidence

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SOS4Students Workshop Teaches this Must-Have Tool

There’s a well-known rule of thumb that many educators and memory experts refer to called The Curve of Forgetting. Developed in 1885 by German philosopher Hermann Ebbinghaus, it asserts that if we do not focus our attention on new information repeatedly, we will forget about 40% of what we heard or read during the first 24 hours—even if we write it down!

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However, with effective note taking, we can train ourselves to recall nearly 100% of the information we receive. Imagine your student with that ability and what it would mean for his or her academic performance and confidence in school and beyond!

SOS4Students often hears from parents that students are anxious about tests. For some students, the anxiety is so crippling that they literally “blank out” on test days. Nine times out of 10 we discover that this anxiety originates due to a lack of note taking skills!

The February 8, 2020 SOS4Students workshop, Secrets of Successful Note Taking, teaches high schoolers essential note taking skills designed to boost school productivity and grades. Research shows that working memory, processing speed, and attention are all better leveraged when students have a note taking approach that works for them.

Will Your Child Benefit?

How do you know if this note taking workshop is right for your student? If you answer “yes” or even “probably” to one or more of the statements below, your high school student would benefit greatly from this hands-on intensive. 

My high schooler . . .

  • Doesn’t take notes unless prompted or required to by a teacher.
  • Has never been taught any note taking strategies, or the instruction was long ago and never used.
  • Tends to copy text verbatim and assumes doing so constitutes taking adequate notes. 
  • Rarely uses the notes he/she has taken or doesn’t know how to implement them as part of a test prep strategy.
  • Has AP or Honors classes that require a lot of reading and memorization as well as critical thinking. 
  • Takes notes but has consistently disappointing test scores. (This is often a sign of ineffective notes that lack scaffolding and substance.)

Secrets of Successful Note Taking

Designed specifically for high schoolers, this workshop teaches students the essential skill of note taking and how to leverage that skill to prepare for tests and write papers. With 3.5 hours of workshop time, our experts teach techniques for different learning styles, give students effective methods/tools for different classes and subjects, teach how to use notes most effectively for tests and papers, and provide best practices for taking notes from text, lectures, audio, and video.

9th - 12th Gradesnote taking winter 01This workshop is ideal for students who missed out on Secrets of Successful Note Taking last summer or who could use a mid-year tune-up. Act now, though, slots are filling fast. Register today to ensure your student has a spot. 
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For Middle Schoolers

Middle School Boostermiddle school booster 01If you’re the parent of a middle schooler, our Middle School Booster workshop can provide your student the tools and strategies he or she needs to be a successful, independent learner, including time management, goal setting, project planning, and note taking strategies. 
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