Executive Brain Bootcamp (Summer)

Executive Brain Bootcamp


Two Separate, Identical Sessions: Workshop A (July) | Workshop B (August) | Orinda Academy

Executive Brain Bootcamp teaches the executive functioning skills and strategies high school students need to jumpstart complex tasks, plan and prioritize, decipher multistep directions, become better organized both on- and offline, and juggle numerous assignments.

Students Should Take This Workshop If They . . .
  • Feel constantly overwhelmed by school, assignments, and activities
  • Struggle to complete school work in a timely manner
  • Lack efficient systems for planning and prioritizing
  • Are disorganized on- and offline.
Executive Brain Bootcamp Teaches Students to . . .
  • Jumpstart complex tasks on their own
  • Decipher multistep directions
  • Juggle many assignments simultaneously without the physical presence of their teachers and other students to guide and prompt them.
Workshops Led by Expert Coaches
  • All coaches have extensive experience with high school students.
  • Coaches are empathetic and skilled with teaching students of all abilities.
  • Participants gain continued access to Google Classroom for additional resources.
  • Attendees learn SOS4Students’ acclaimed executive function skills and study strategies.
What People Are Saying

“I found SOS for Students online where they talked about helping kids with “executive function” and that resonated with me. My bright daughter was having a personal management malfunction and needed a coach and confidant who could help her reason her way through her inner conflict and take action.” (Parent)

“Thanks for teaching me to plan out my longer term projects. Teaching me how to plan out my long term projects helps me make segments of the work and makes the work easier.” (Student)


Executive Brain Bootcamp is offered in two separate, identical sessions, Workshop A and Workshop B.

Workshop A (July)

Workshop B (August)

  • $425

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Private Workshops

With 30-days’ notice. SOS4Students can create a private workshop for small groups of students who are friends/classmates (minimum group size is four). This is ideal if your students can’t attend one of our scheduled workshops on the dates scheduled. Private summer workshops are help Monday through Friday. Contact us at for more information and pricing.

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