Prepare for Finals with 1:1 Support from SOS4Students

50-Minute Sessions (In-Office or Online) | Sessions Offered in May and December

High School and College Students…
  • Are teachers telling you to focus and study hard? (And what does that even mean?)
  • Are your study guides just a bunch of messy notes?
  • Is reviewing lecture slides all the studying you do?
  • Do you feel the only option you have is to reread your book(s)?

If so, you need a study plan. SOS4Students “Finals Support” can help you get started.

Parents, have you been asking your student any/all of the following ad nauseum?
  • Have you started studying for your tests yet?
  • I don’t see you getting any work done, where is it?
  • Do you know what you have to do?
  • Is there a study guide?

SOS4Students “Finals Support” can help eliminate tension as the semester wraps up.

Finals Are Coming Up . . . Will You Be Ready?

Finals Drop-In Support from SOS4StudentsGet a jumpstart on finals with SOS4Students “Finals Prep Support.” We’re offering Saturday and Sunday support sessions this May to assist college and high school students in preparing for finals with executive function support and help with scheduling, study tools, and more.

Six Things that Can Be Accomplished In One Session
  • Organize Exams/Papers and Final Projects
  • Make a Finals Prep Schedule
  • Get Started On A Final Essay
  • Determine Which Study Tools Works Best for You
  • Get Extra Support on A Specific Subject
  • Focus on Executive Function Support Needed
 Get Started with Finals PREP Support Sessions 
  1. Available Saturdays & Sundays in May and December.
  2. All sessions are 50-minutes long.
  3. Sessions take place in the office (Montclair Village/Oakland or Walnut Creek) or online for those who don’t live in the area.
  4. Cost for sessions starts at $185/session.
  5. Need more time? Book two sessions.

Finals Prep Support is offered in May and December each year.

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How We Can Help

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