Has Your Student Been Taught How to Learn?

Has Your Student Been Taught How to Learn?

Has Your Student Been Taught How to Learn?

Many students are not learning HOW to learn, because teachers often focus on content instead.

In a recent NYT article, psychologist Daniel T. Willingham identified the “unnoticed curriculum”—where students are simply expected to become independent learners through the course of their educational careers instead of actually being taught how.

Three key points really resonated with us:

1) Learning how to do the assignment is as important as the content: directions often lack procedure; accomplishing the directives, ie annotate or study, vague; what does annotate or study really mean? How do you do it? 2) Students can't articulate how they learn: don't know how to describe how they learn best or what is hard; eg. rereading not very effective but students feel productive because they are taking action. 3) Study skills gaps continue to grow without intervention: direct instruction in tools and strategies is essential; independence in learning is a life skill.

The Bottom Line: Students are often working harder in school than they need to be, but don’t know how to study or complete work any other way.

How SOS4Students Can Help

Students aren’t getting adequate (or scarily, sometimes any) instruction on how to learn. At SOS4Students, however, teaching students how to learn is what we do. Our coaches focus on supporting students with strategies and tools that help them succeed in school.

Executive Function Workshops

Do you have a student making the big shift from middle school or high school?

Could your student benefit from essential study skills strategies?

Did your student not get enough writing instruction this past year?

Does your student struggle with effective note taking?

Do you have a 4th or 5th grader who needs study strategies and a fun, interactive way to learn about the executive brain?

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Workshop Bundles

Interested in multiple workshops for your student -or- do you have multiple children who could benefit from a workshop? Fill out our Bundle Workshop Form today and we’ll follow up with information on ways you can save on tuition. Build Your Bundle Now ›

Private Workshops

With 30-days’ notice. SOS4Students can create a private workshop for small groups of students who are friends/classmates (minimum group size is four). This is ideal if your students can’t attend one of our scheduled workshops on the dates scheduled. Private summer workshops are help Monday through Friday. Contact us for more information and pricing.

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