How Students Can Reduce Final Exam Overwhelm

How Students Can Reduce Final Exam Overwhelm

How Students Can Reduce Final Exam Overwhelm

How Students Can Reduce Final Exam Overwhelm

It’s hard to believe, but the last day of school for the year is just weeks away. Already busy student schedules are busier than ever with end-of-school activities and looming finals. For many, the feeling of being overwhelmed is very real.

It doesn’t help that most high schools ill-equip students with the proper techniques, tools, and processes for tackling cumulative exams. If finals are the end game, then preparation for the exams should be an objective for any course, right? Students need to be taught how to plan, prioritize, manage time, and study for different types of tests.

Tips for a Better Test Taking Experience

Here are some tried and true strategies students can put to good use to help boost their test-taking confidence and final exam grades:

  • Save Work: Store all graded tests, essays, notes, and homework for later use and review. These are essential study tools.
  • Make a Plan: Several weeks prior to exams, start noting areas for focus and review. Identify strengths and weaknesses in each topic.
  • Study Partner/Groups: Work together to delegate specific topics to cover for each group member and plan times to meet to review.
  • Daily Study To-Do List: Make a daily study plan for each class. Identify what needs the most attention. (Note: this needs to be done on top of regular/nightly homework.)
  • Ask for Help: Ask teachers about problem areas or material that is hard to grasp.
  • Don’t Procrastinate: Create a study plan and carry it out in the weeks leading up to finals. Schedule study time incrementally over a long period for better retention. Don’t cram at the last minute!
  • Be Well-Rested: Ensure 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep a night, especially during finals for better function and focus.
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Finals Prep Support

Could your high school student use support to prepare for finals? 

Ensure your student is organized and fully prepared for their upcoming finals with a 50-minute coaching session.
Areas your student can focus on to feel confident for finals:

  1. Organize all exams/papers and final projects.
  2. Make a finals prep schedule.
  3. Get started on a final essay by moving forward with a brainstorm, outline, and even a thesis statement!
  4. Determine what study tools to use for exams based on what works best,
  5. Focus on a specific subject that needs extra support.
  6. … or any other executive function support needed.

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