In-Person School Is Back: How Will Your Student Fare?

In-Person School Is Back: How Will Your Student Fare?

In-Person School Is Back: How Will Your Student Fare?

(from SOS4Students Director Beth Samuelson)

Goodbye mute buttons and turning off cameras. Goodbye classes with asynchronous learning (or as I call them “DIY School”). Students will be fully back in the classroom next year, needing to show up in all respects.

While a relief for most students (and parents), the transition to different modalities, “synchronous learning,” traditional homework loads, and for some students to new schools is going to be very challenging!

What do students need most to help smooth the transition? Study strategies!

Here are some of the areas we expect students to find challenging:

  • Juggling new schedules with homework and afterschool activities and hobbies
  • Using planners, prioritizing, and ensuring that communication with teachers and self-advocacy is part of their life away from Zoom and in-person
  • Getting reacclimated to tests (many teachers switched from tests to projects). Don’t count on this continuing. Note-taking will be as essential as ever!
  • Transitions to middle school, high school, and college
  • Writing projects and essays being more important for grades
  • High schoolers managing AP and honor classes with college applications looming!

For those in the Bay Area, SOS4Students has your students taken care of this summer and into the new school year! Welcome back to our in-person workshops and coaching sessions (and if you’re not in the Bay Area, we’ve got you covered with online coaching).

We invite you to take advantage of our fabulous workshops and summer coaching BEFORE school launches. Get frontloaded! Get set! Leave no stone unturned! Don’t miss out:

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