Noteworthy Wisdom: 8 Easy Note-Taking Tips for Students

Noteworthy Wisdom: 8 Easy Note-Taking Tips for Students

Noteworthy Wisdom: 8 Easy Note-Taking Tips for Students

Good note taking is vital to success in school, but it’s a skill rarely taught. Students are simply expected to “get it.” 

Many students think highlighting, copying straight from a textbook, or re-writing what they see on a slide is sufficient. These are NOT note-taking strategies.

SOS4Students has worked with students for decades, perfecting a tried-and-true approach to note taking that’s effective and easy to learn. It’s what we teach in our upcoming workshops, Secrets of Successful Note Taking for high school students and Take Note, for 7th and 8th graders.

8 Easy Note Taking Tips

Here are easy note taking tips designed to help students use their notes more effectively for studying, test preparation, and papers.

Important to Know: Good notes make test preparation easier, aid memory, and decrease test anxiety!

  1. Always take notes in classes or meetings with teachers. Don’t take notes only when asked or graded. Don’t try to remember everything.
  2. Put material in your own words. Be concise.
  3. Avoid highlighting only without annotations. Research shows highlighting is an ineffective way to remember material.
  4. Review notes within 24 hours of writing them. Circle or underline what isn’t clear. Jot down questions in the margins. Box key words or put them in the margins.
  5. Test yourself using your notes. Turn key concepts into test-like questions.
  6. Handwrite your notes. With typing, we tend to write too much. It’s also easier to add in charts and diagrams by hand.
  7. Check your notes with your instructor. Ask if your notes capture what the teacher considers essential.
  8. If you miss a class, get a copy of any notes you missed. Review with a friend asap!
Get Note-Taking Help Now

For expert instruction in how to take notes, sign your student up now for our February 3 workshops, Secrets of Successful Note Taking (grades 9 to 12) or Take Note (grades 7 to 8) while seats are available and early-bird prices remain in effect. These are essential programs for any students who struggle with note taking or who need a refresher!

More Student Winter Workshops

Middle School Booster (Grades 6 to 8) Saturday, January 27—a fast-paced, half-day workshop intensive designed to help middle school students plan for multi-step projects and papers, develop self-advocacy skills, manage time, and deal with distractions.

Executive Brain Bootcamp (Grades 9 to 12), January 27—high school students learn executive function skills and strategies for jumpstarting complex tasks, planning and prioritizing, and becoming better organized both on- and offline.

Winter Workshops for Parents

3-Part Parenting for Independence Workshop Series (Jan, Feb, March)—Delivered online via Zoom, these 75-minute workshops are for parents seeking concrete solutions and tools for communicating with their overwhelmed students, encouraging independence, and understanding the teen brain. You can save by signing up for all three sessions at once, but hurry – the first session is January 21, 2024!

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