Register Your Student for the SAT Now!

Register Your Student for the SAT Now!

Register Your Student for the SAT Now!

Register Your Student for the SAT Now!

Is Your High School Student Registered for the SAT this Fall? 

Recently, a mom emailed me concerned about her student’s workload. The student was stressed about the end of the school year assignments and tests, as well as upcoming SATs. The student was not prepared, the mom explained, but was hoping to take the test anyway because the thought of traveling down to Palm Springs in June for the next available testing date was not ideal. Yes, you read that correctly: Palm Springs.

This is not an isolated case. In March, San Francisco Chronicle reported that there is a testing site shortage in the Bay Area. This is causing many local families to have to find alternative testing sites outside of the area (and in some cases even outside of the state!).

Why Is There a Shortage?

Many testing sites (up to half) never reopened following the pandemic. The test has also recently switched to digital only, which is a shift some testing sites are unable to accommodate at this time. There is also a perceived notion there is less demand because UCs and CSUs are no longer requiring standardized testing scores for admissions.

While the College Board is asking former sites to reopen or current sites to expand seats, it is just not enough to support the number of students in the area.

What Steps Can You Take to Ensure Your Student Can Test Locally?
  • Register Early—Testing dates for the 2024/2025 school have been released by the College Board. Register now!
  • Check the College Board Site Frequently—Cancellations happen and seats can open up (but they don’t last long).
  • College Board’s School Day Program—Check with your student’s school to see if they offer testing on campus through the College Board’s School Day Testing Program. Many local high schools offer an exclusive testing date just for their students (such as seniors in the fall and juniors in the spring).
  • Accommodations—If your student has a 504 plan or IEP and you haven’t submitted a request for accommodations, do it now. Accommodation approval can take up to seven weeks! See the College Board website for more information about submitting a request and how to register for accommodations when enrolling in a testing date.
  • Take the ACT?—There is also a testing site shortage for the ACT in the area, but expanding options may increase the odds of finding a local site. This test can be taken on paper or digitally. Some students may prefer the paper option which the SAT no longer offers. (Don’t forget about requesting accommodations!)

SAT Prep Support

SATs and ACTs are not our area of expertise. If your student needs support getting prepared, check out City Test Prep.

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