Reinvent Your Student’s Home Study Space Before School Starts

Reinvent Your Student’s Home Study Space Before School Starts

Reinvent Your Student’s Home Study Space Before School Starts

(from SOS4Students Director Beth Samuelson)

Functional study spaces contribute to your teen’s ability to jumpstart work and to persevere with homework and study sessions.

Brad’s mother called me to ask what she should do about her son’s school materials ending up scattered all over the house. “He has a desk in his room,” she insisted. “I have three boys and I can’t have their paperwork everywhere in my house!”

She requested I speak with him during our next coaching session to find out why he wasn’t using his room. Perhaps I could help figure out a solution to the “bits of Brad everywhere” problem.

Brad willingly talked with me about his space problems, which included the admission that he couldn’t work in his room. He insisted I come over to his house so we could do a rethink of his study area together.

Here’s what I found:

At 6’3″ tall and 16 years old, Brad could no longer fit into the chair at his tiny desk, both of which dated back to the fifth grade (the last time either piece of furniture had been changed). The desk and chair might have been a perfect fit for when he was a small boy, but they no longer fit his lanky frame. In addition, the desk was covered with baseball memorabilia and had only a small light for reading.

Here’s what we did:

We drew up a new study space design for his narrow bedroom that incorporated a wraparound IKEA desk and a tall, comfy office chair for the “bigger” 16-year-old version of Brad. We also added a desk lamp with three brightness levels. Finally, Brad could spread out with his work in his own room!

Wherever you live and whatever the size of your home, it’s important to carve out a space in which your child can do his or her homework efficiently and effectively.

Check out these eight key questions to consider when determining whether or not your child’s space is working:

Do you need help figuring if your student’s set up is working?

Contact SOS4Students about scheduling an in-home study space consultation and organization session this summer before school starts again. For more information email us .

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