Rock Finals and Lower Stress with SOS4Students’ Comprehensive Final Exam Checklist

Rock Finals and Lower Stress with SOS4Students’ Comprehensive Final Exam Checklist

Rock Finals and Lower Stress with SOS4Students’ Comprehensive Final Exam Checklist

SOS4Students Finals JourneyThis story may sound familiar to you. Maya, a student, came to a session with me yesterday with a big bag of notebooks, her Chromebook, planner, and a bucket load of stress.

“I need to get a plan together for finals!” She reported anxiously. “But I have no idea where to start. Why do we have to do this anyway? Where do I begin?”

Those are great questions! Luckily, we had some answers for her. Maya left relieved and with a plan of action. Now she’s ready to rock her exams!

Here’s the checklist from the meeting and next steps:

  • Locate and print each study guide. DO NOT leave these online.
    • For each, prioritize review – mark up the guide from “know least” to “know best.”
    • Make question marks next to unclear direction or topics that need a meeting with the teacher.
  • Locate relevant worksheets, slides, handouts, or notes that address the topics you need to review most. (Don’t recall the archetypes for English? Trust me, there’s a handout on this in the folder for the unit. We will find it!)
  • Make a plan for review each day. Be specific and concrete. DO NOT write “study for English final.” Oof. That’s too overwhelming. Instead, write “make archetypes for the flashcards” or “make a mini-study guide on adaptations for Bio.” (After all, making the tool to study from IS review!)
  • Oral exam for language hot tip: if the teacher provides the prompts (fingers crossed), make a note card for each prompt/question and write cue words in the language on the back to remind you what you want to say. It’s essential to complete these in advance and practice aloud daily, picking random cards.
  • Missing work turn-in deadline? Check your grades for all missing work.
    • What can still be submitted?
    • Points? Value add?
    • Make a plan to complete each and add to your agenda, calendar, or planning tool. (Yes, you need a planning tool for finals. Even a blank at a glance calendar works.)
  • Download and print off this checklist NOW so you can take it with you as a handy reference.
Final Exams Help is Here
SOS Final Exams Checklist
Click Image to Download Checklist PDF

Want some help getting organized and planning for exams? Students – have your parents book a finals prep session either with your regular coach or with Beth Samuelson or Chelsea Hite on these dates: December 9, 10 and 16, 17. With these intensive “Get Ready for Exams” sessions, we’ve got you covered. You’ll leave with a plan! Hurry slots are limited and filling fast.

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