SOS provides a range of academic services to teens, parents and teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have helped turn many underachieving students into confident, productive students.


Helping students and their parents navigate the education system is often an important part of supporting students on their way to self-sufficiency and success. SOS helps students and their parents understand their rights, write letters, and negotiate services. Over many years, SOS coaches have worked with dozens of different schools and teachers in the Bay Area.

For Coaching Clients

Our coaches are advocates for each of their clients. An integral part of the coaching process is communication between coach, the student's family and his/her school. Once the student's challenges and needs have been identified, contact with teachers is often the key to improved academic performance. Coaches may work with the school staff to make adjustments or modifications in curriculum delivery, assignments or expectations to enhance and provide more rapid progress towards success. Parents, teen, coach and school staff work together. Coaches may attend school meetings, IEPs or student study teams to increase understanding of the student's issues and difficulties and to help articulate what sort of support the school might provide the student.

Consultation As Needed

Beth Samuelson is available to meet with parents who would like assistance in working with the school either to improve or to develop an IEP or 504 plan. Beth is available to review testing results and help communicate the student's needs to the school. Consultation may be a one hour session or several sessions and may include Beth's attendance at the IEP itself. Rate: $250 per hour includes preparation.

Legal Process

While SOS is knowledgeable about legal rights and responsibilities, we are not a subsititute for legal advice. We do not hesitate to recommend legal assistance where we think it is appropriate.

More Information

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We believe that every student is capable of succeeding in school. SOS has found that many student academic problems are simply a lack of skills or techniques to use when approaching schoolwork. Once a student is equipped with effective organization and study strategies, classes and assignments that were overwhelming become manageable. Students become more motivated, relaxed and self-confident and can enjoy the rewards of academic success.

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