Online Coaching


Online coaching is perfect for your child if he/she needs expert help with study strategies and organization and…

  • You live a significant distance from our office
  • Weekday or Sunday schedules make it easier for your student not to have to commute to receive assistance
  • You need flexibility in scheduling (it can be easier to book extra sessions online)
  • The technology in your house allows for online interaction and your child would be comfortable with talking via Google Hangout
  • As a busy parent, you’d like the convenience of meeting online for a consultation, to discuss an IEP/504, or to talk with other professionals involved in supporting your child. Google Hangout is great for groups!

For more information on the coaching process, frequently asked questions, and fees see our Academic Coaching page.

To inquire about or register your child for one-on-one academic online coaching please complete our Coaching Intake Form. You will then be able to schedule a short phone call with one of our senior academic coaches to assure proper placement of your student and to have any further questions about our services answered.