SOS for Academic Success Workshop™

Executive Functioning for Teachers & Staff (2 hours)

Workshop key topics:

  • How the teen brain is different from an adult brain and in particular, the way in which executive functions such as attention, working memory, self- regulation and organization play an essential role in school performance.
  • Typical executive challenges faced by students as they advance in grades and demands increase:
    • Time management
    • Organization of materials and information
    • Planning and prioritizing
    • Note taking and test prep
    • Anxiety, sleep issues, home set up and support
  • Best practices and processes for teaching students to stay organized, plan, prioritize, track assignments and projects and strategies to assist students in test preparation and papers/research.
  • What to look for when working with students to identify executive function issues and simple but effective ways to provide assistance and accommodations
  • Importance of explicit instruction in study strategies in alignment with school coursework
  • How to evaluate the cases of specific students and generate best approaches to assessing academic breakdowns and the kind of assistance that would be of greatest benefit to the student.