Partnering for Academic Success™

Interactive Workshop for Parents and Their Students (2 hours)

Parents and students team up to learn how to better connect and collaborate to dramatically improve academic performance and communication skills.

Workshop key topics:

  • Better understand what learning styles are and how to use them to develop strategies for success
  • Understand the importance of a strong partnership and simple ways to deescalate conflict around school issues
  • Gain clarity on the truths of the adolescent brain and understand what’s realistic to expect, skill wise.
  • Will learn which strategies are essential at school and at home to enhance, organization, time management and project planning.

During this dynamic workshop, parent-student teams work together on a variety of exercises including note taking, designing a study space and multi-tasking. Activities will sometimes involve working with other families and role reversal where parents become the student and vice versa to foster better understanding and perspective taking.

By the end of the workshop, all teams will have a toolbox of tips and strategies to:

  • Foster deeper understanding of differences and how to use them to strengthen the parent/child partnership
  • Think outside the box when dealing with school tasks at home
  • Keep disagreements under control and handle homework issues with calm
  • Strengthen student feelings of competence and motivation and parents’ ability to trust