Teaching for Academic Success Workshop™

Professional Development Workshop for Teachers (4 hours)

Workshop key topics:

  • Overview of the neurocognitive make- up of the teen brain and the way in which executive functions such as attention, working memory, self- regulation and organization play an essential role in school performance.
  • Typical executive challenges faced by high school students as demands increase:
    • Time management
    • Organization of materials and information
    • Planning and prioritizing
    • Note taking and test prep
    • Anxiety, sleep issues, home set up and support
  • Best practices and processes for teaching students to stay organized, plan, prioritize, track assignments and projects, manage time and develop strategies for gathering information from assignments, books and lectures to prepare for exams.
  • What to look for when working with students to identify executive function issues and simple but effective ways for teachers to provide assistance and accommodations
  • Importance of explicit instruction in study strategies in alignment with school coursework
  • How to evaluate the cases of students who are struggling and provide support
  • Developing lesson plans that support executive functioning and study strategy development

This workshop is designed for teachers in all subjects and no background in learning disabilities is assumed or needed. Training is hands-on and discussion based.