Solutions for the Top Five Reasons Students Struggle with Writing Assignments

Solutions for the Top Five Reasons Students Struggle with Writing Assignments

Solutions for the Top Five Reasons Students Struggle with Writing Assignments

Solutions for the Top Five Reasons Students Struggle with Writing Assignments

Writing assignments launch many students into a panic. On a weekly basis, I handle more problems with essay work than with any other school task. Assign papers on literary classics, a historical document, or non-fiction book, and you’re sure to generate problems.

Why Do Students Struggle with Writing Assignments?

Here are SOS4Students’ top five reasons:

  1. Minimal instruction. Often there is minimal (if any) in-class discussion on how to start papers, structure them, and what to use as evidence, especially in high school.
  2. Students are not front loaded with topic ideas. Writing assignments are often given at the end of readings, rather than the start. This requires students to find quotes and examples in lengthy books or documents after the fact.
  3. Directions are unclear. It’s not immediately evident to students what actions to take, especially if directions are lengthy and complex.
  4. Unable to organize or identify where to start. Teachers assume students can organize their ideas, and don’t provide any templates and don’t give any examples.
  5. Lack of feedback before turning in assignments. Teachers rarely read rough drafts and provide constructive feedback before grading. Instead, some classes rely on other students in a misguided practice called peer editing.
What Can Students Do to Overcome Writing Assignment Struggles?
  1. Ask for writing prompts at the beginning of novels and history units.
  2. Request guidance on what to annotate and take notes on before starting, as well as themes to focus on and character development.
  3. Ask the teacher to review an early draft of the essay for feedback. Don’t ever rely on peer feedback.
  4. Get organized by breaking instructions down into a simple “to do” list, and then break down into steps on a calendar or planner.
  5. Meet with the teacher to clarify instructions and to check that brainstorming or outlining are as the teacher intended. Go over papers 1-on-1 with teachers and take notes on feedback from the teacher.

Students who self-advocate will be better able to address many problems with their school writing assignments. This will serve them well in their academic careers as well as later in life in their career pursuits.

SOS4Students Can Help

SOS4Students is here to support students and their families with summer workshops and executive function coaching that teach age-appropriate study skills and strategies to boost academic performance. If you have questions about our programs or other ways we can help, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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