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SOS4Students teaches mastery of executive function skills and essential study strategies so students acquire the tools they need to start tasks, plan, organize, work independently, and follow through. We also work with parents and families to support student self-sufficiency, advocate for student rights, and improve family dynamics around schoolwork.

  • 1-on-1 Executive Function Coaching Online or In-Person
  • Study Strategy and Skills Booster Student Workshops
  • Expertise and Support for 504 Plans, IEPs, Study Space Makeovers, and More
  • Finals Prep Support for High School & College Students
  • Parent Workshops & Consulting to Improve Communication and Reduce Stress at Home Related to School and Studies

Executive Function Coaching ›

SOS4Students works with students of all abilities, including those with executive function challenges, ADHD, and other special needs. Our skilled and seasoned coaches have extensive experience with middle school, high school, and college students both in-person and online.

Student, Parent & Family Workshops ›

SOS4Students offers a robust lineup of workshops for middle school and high school students, as well as parents and families. Students learn executive function and study skills and develop age-appropriate strategies for managing time and workload. Parents and families explore tips and strategies for improved collaboration and communication around schoolwork.

Finals Prep Support Sessions ›

High school and college students can get a jumpstart on finals with SOS4Students “Finals Prep Support.” We offer Saturday and Sunday 50-minute support sessions in December and May each year to assist college and high school students in preparing for finals with executive function support and help with scheduling, study tools, and more.

Study Space Makeovers ›

Lack of proper study space for students leads to difficulties starting and completing homework, tracking assignments, and staying focused. Combining an in-home visit with follow-up recommendations, SOS4Students creates a custom “Study Space Makeover” plan that suits your student’s personality, learning style, and the family’s budget.

Consultation & Advocacy ›

SOS4Students helps students and their parents navigate the education system. We help you understand your rights, craft letters, negotiate services, develop 504 and IEP plans, and advocate with school administration and educators to get and keep your student on track.

How We Can Help

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