Summer is a Great time for Students to Practice Planning and Time Management

Summer is a Great time for Students to Practice Planning and Time Management

Summer is a Great time for Students to Practice Planning and Time Management

Summer is a Great time to Practice Planning and Time Management

Teens may not be in school right now, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be working this summer to hone their executive function skills, especially planning and time management.

Here are three everyday ways teens can practice these important skills before the new school year begins:

Practice Using a Calendar

Teens can use a planner or digital calendar to track their daily activities. They should add summer camps, vacations, plans with friends, and other important dates like the start of school. Families should maintain a shared digital family calendar tracking family events, but teens should manage their personal schedule themselves.

Establish Routines

Daily routines are an important part of self-regulation. Students should wake at consistent times, exercise daily, and keep up with their chores. Establishing routines, maintaining them, and scheduling activities during the summer makes the transition back to school easier.

Become More Aware of Time

Teens should use a timer for tasks that aren’t necessarily their favorite things to do. For example, if clean clothes routinely end up in a pile on their bed for days, they should try setting a time limit for how long they think the task of putting them away will take. Then, they should start a timer. As the time passes, they’ll get a good sense of how long it actually takes and whether they need to pick up the pace. Using a timer creates greater accountability for getting tasks done in a predetermined time period and establishes more realistic expectations.

Summer Executive Functioning Skill Building

If your teen would benefit from more direct executive functioning skill building support check out the full lineup of SOS4Students summer programs:

Summer Coaching

Ideal for students who have summer school, summer homework for AP classes, or would like to review notes and tests in a class they struggled in last school year. Check Availability and Sign Up Today

Jumpstart Your College Essays

College applications and essays require students to exercise their executive function skills in planning, tracking, organizing, getting started, and follow-thru while also utilizing the summer to get ahead on college applications. Enroll Now

Summer Workshops

Frontload your student with the essential executive functioning skills they need for academic success. Our summer workshops support students from grades 4 through 12. Check out our complete line-up and sign up while space is still available. Our first workshops begin in late July. Register Now

Got Questions?

If you have questions about SOS4Students workshops, coaching, or other ways in which we can help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (510) 531-4767 or .

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