Summer Writing Workshops Help Students Write Right in the New School Year

Summer Writing Workshops Help Students Write Right in the New School Year

Summer Writing Workshops Help Students Write Right in the New School Year

Are you concerned about your teens’ writing skills? Here are some comments I’ve heard from students this year:

  • “We get a lot of writing assignments but no directions on how to write the papers on the books we are reading.” (8th grader)
  • “I sometimes can’t keep up with the reading, so I skim the books and write the papers two nights before they are due. I need to plan papers better.” (12th grader)
  • “Usually the way for me to get moving on papers is to just start writing. We normally don’t have to do an outline, but I think it would help. I just struggle to get started.” (10th grader)

During the pandemic, writing instruction floundered for many. Curriculum was “dumbed down” in some cases to simplify delivery for stressed students and overwhelmed teachers. So the normal process of teaching students the “nuts and bolts” of how to write didn’t always happen effectively..

Summer Writing Workshops Help Students Write Right in the New School Year


Relax. We’ve Got This Parents!

Here’s what students take away from our writing workshops:

  • Learn how to set up routines for writing essays that can be used for all assignments now and going forward.
  • Discover how to create a strong thesis statement and organize the evidence to prove it.
  • Stop procrastinating papers with a new tool box of strategies that make brainstorming and outlining a breeze.
The SOS4Students Approach

Structured writing practice with feedback is key to student’s confidence and competence. Writing an essay should not have to feel like reinventing the wheel every time!

These workshops are small, hands-on practicums for students.

Get the tools now to write right this fall:.

Write OnWrite On frees students from reinventing the wheel with every new writing assignment, and builds their confidence to tackle essays regardless of the topic. Students learn how to evaluate, use, and analyze evidence in their writing.  July 2023 | Register Here

Writing RXWriting Rx gives high school students the tools and strategies they need to take charge of their expository writing, including ways to overcome writer’s block, organize paragraphs and essays, and gather and validate supporting evidence. July 2023 | Register Here

Executive Function Workshops

Do you have a student making the big shift from middle school or high school?

Could your student benefit from essential study skills strategies?

Did your student not get enough writing instruction this past year?

Does your student struggle with effective note taking?

Do you have a 4th or 5th grader who needs study strategies and a fun, interactive way to learn about the executive brain?

Workshop Bundles

Interested in multiple workshops for your student -or- do you have multiple children who could benefit from a workshop? Fill out our Bundle Workshop Form today and we’ll follow up with information on ways you can save on tuition. Build Your Bundle Now ›

Private Workshops

With 30-days’ notice. SOS4Students can create a private workshop for small groups of students who are friends/classmates (minimum group size is four). This is ideal if your students can’t attend one of our scheduled workshops on the dates scheduled. Private summer workshops are help Monday through Friday. Contact us for more information and pricing.

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Work With an SOS4Students Coach This Summer

Summer Coaching for Rising College Students

Do you want to make sure your first university semester is a roaring success? Book now for summer coaching with SOS4Students. We can help with time management, course scheduling, systems for tracking work and planning, as well as ways to jumpstart reading, note taking, test prep, and writing papers. Start by completing our quick intake form.

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