Roxie Hooke

Roxie Hooke

I just attended the Brown Bag meeting on Student Time Management and Organization at WCI. (Beth is) a great speaker and presented so much useful information. I am so happy I took time off work to attend. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you.

I hadn’t figured out exactly what my parent involvement should be with my 6th grader in regards his school work. Being a mom, you naturally want to be in your kid’s business and the next thing you know you are micro-managing them and what comes next is that everyone is frustrated and then there is yelling and tears.

And yes, I was using those words or phrases such as “focus, get organized, be responsible” and checking on him and asking those questions, “how’s it going?” and “Are you sure you can listen to your iPod and get your homework done? Do you have it all under control?”

Thank you for clarifying so many things for me and pointing me in the right direction. I look forward to working with my son and family to implement many of your ideas.

(Roxie Hooke)