Workshop Testimonials

One thing Graham repeated over to me about his experience last weekend was how cool and great the teachers were. Their warmth and interest in the kids being successful came across to him loud and clear.

- Donna Hays

Jayne took your High School Blitz™ in the fall and loved it - I mean, loved it. Somehow it hit a chord with her. Thank you for the fabulous class.

- Jayne's Parent

Writing Rx™ was pretty cool.  The class gave me a lot of useful stuff I hadn't thought of and they got right to the point.  Plus there were a lot of great snacks!

- Ryan K 16

This was really worth getting up for...I'm definitely going to keep and use the stuff they gave me; I'm actually rearranging my backpack to make this easier.

- David S, 16

Yesterday [my son] had a paper to write. He used the suggestions from the binder as a way to help him format a cogent, well-articulated paper. The materials are excellent and really made the process much easier for him than it has been in the past. Thank you for giving him an invaluable tool that he can use for the rest of his life.

- Heidi

You should be thrilled to know that all three boys really liked the [Nailing Ninth] workshop.  They said it was "pretty good" which is like a perfect 10 coming from a 14 year old boy! Thanks for running such a cool and effective program.

- Nancy Katz

Dear SOS4Students,

Thanks for letting me join the workshop and giving me learning tools. 

  1. Thanks for helping me understand my learning strengths, figuring out my learning style and study strategies. Helping me figuring out my learning strengths helps me see what I need to work on and improve. 
  2. Thanks for helping me make the best of my learning space and understanding how to organize. Helping me stay organized makes sure I have everything in place so I don’t forget.
  3. Thanks for teaching me to time my work and track my due dates. Teaching me to keep track of my due dates helps me not to forget my work and I don’t get an F.
  4. Thanks for teaching me to plan out my longer term projects. Teaching me how to plan out my long term projects helps me make segments of the work and makes the work easier.  

It was a great help for 6th grade.


- Raiden, Student

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