Tried-and-True Methods for Shifting Time-Management Responsibility to Your Child

Tried-and-True Methods for Shifting Time-Management Responsibility to Your Child

Tried-and-True Methods for Shifting Time-Management Responsibility to Your Child

Are you still waking up your teen? Or does your teen do it without your help?

If you’re the one rousing your teen from bed, it’s clear your student has not taken responsibility for managing time. It also indicates anxious parents are acting like alarm clocks and providing way too many reminders and cues.

This is so important to change, and it’s usually a surprisingly easy fix.


Words to Live by for Parents

“Don’t do for students what they can do for themselves.”

Time management was the subject of a June 11 workshop I conducted with the wonderful Amy Morgenstern, Blue Star Admissions College Counselor and Consultant extraordinaire. We were excited to collaborate on this workshop because over our many years in practice we have helped students see the importance of learning to manage their own time. We emphasize how to prioritize, plan, use calendars, and rely on a watch or clock to get up. (Why not a phone, you ask? I’ll get to that.)

It’s really pretty simple. Students can wake up on their own and get to school . . . or accept the consequences: embarrassment for walking in late, missing directions for the start of a test, or being forced to attend the school’s “Breakfast Club.”

How can teens learn time management? They need to be shown what tools to use, how to use them, and have the opportunity to practice.

So, why no phone for an alarm? Because students need to take their phones out of their rooms and park them far, far away. I mean it. Buy an alarm clock, get a watch, or use the sun.

Takeaways From the Webinar
  • Have a family weekly meeting where everyone brings their planners. Talk through what’s coming and when. Share what you have planned for the family or individuals.
  • Have students let you know their schedule, particularly any friend meet-ups or summer job schedules. Ask that they share these events using Google Calendar so they show up on your calendar, too.
  • If your teen needs practice with Google Calendar, model first, then have your student practice with you, then with a prompt, and then independently.
  • If teens need supplies for school, let them know how much notice you need. You want to avoid last-minute trips to the store for poster board!
  • Have students identify the best times of day to do tasks and summer assignments.
  • Minimize early morning decision making. Students should shower, pick out clothes, and plan breakfast the night before. That’s also a good time to have them prep backpacks or sports equipment bags to avoid last-minute stress.
Watch the Webinar!

Watch a recording of our June 11 webinar.

Watch a recording of our June 11 webinar.

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