IMPORTANT: Placement in our summer coaching program in no way guarantees students a spot on that coach’s schedule for fall or that of any other coach. Students must be on our fall waiting list to secure a slot for the school year.
Summer coaching is a separate program entirely. Sessions during the summer do not count as “credit” towards our initial school year coaching package, which is paid for separately.

Coaching sessions are 50 minutes. Each session can be taken online on at the indicated SOS office in Walnut Creek or Oakland (Montclair district).

Step 1. Choose coach based on availability below. (Angela, Beth, Elaine, Julie, Kelsi, Hailey, or Rosa.

Step 2. Book a 4-session or 6-session Coaching Package. (Choose Beth package for Beth Samuelson.)

Step 3. Click Schedule in the receipt to book four or six appointments.