Join the Coaching Team at SOS4Students!

Are you a passionate educator, learning specialist, or recent graduate of an educational therapy program looking to work with students 1-on-1 outside of the classroom?

SOS4Students is the Bay Area’s top academic coaching resource, providing acclaimed workshops for teens, parents, and teachers. We are looking for dedicated educators and counselors to join our team of Executive Function Coaches.

Our Coaches Help Students Build Skills to Succeed in School

Would you like to . . .

  • Assist students in identifying and implementing better study strategies and prepare for tests?
  • Collaborate with overwhelmed students in making more effective choices  to simplify their lives, such as how to schedule after-school activities?
  • Introduce students to proven techniques for taking notes from books, lectures, and other sources?
  • Teach students how to write essays with concise thesis statements and how best to choose supportive quotes from sources and integrate them seamlessly into text?
  • Help parents and students problem-solve current issues at home by brainstorming to create routines that add structure to home life—with the goal of less need for parent oversight or intervention in the student’s daily tasks?

. . . then, join our team!

Who Are Our Clients?
Our clients are students in middle school through high school (and some college students) with a range of challenges that create obstacles to “doing school” successfully. Whether they are dealing with issues of attention, organization, memory, processing speed, or reading comprehension, all need support with executive functioning.

What Does an Executive Functioning Coach Do?
Organizational and time management skills are essential to a student’s ability to function, yet these techniques are rarely taught in school.

Research has shown that Executive Functioning is more important to academic success than IQ or literacy.

Our goal at SOS4Students is to provide learners with the study strategies and tools they need to manage their homework, essays, tests, and ultimately, themselves. These are life skills that will continue to help them achieve success as they transition from school to the working world.

Requirements for Joining Our Team of Coaches
  • B.A. or M.A. in education, special education, or counseling/psychology with an education background; educational therapy experience; or a teaching credential
  • Minimum of 2 years of teaching, tutoring, or counseling experience with middle school and/or high school students
  • Able to meet in-person at our Walnut Creek and/or Oakland office
  • Can commit to meeting with a minimum of 4 to 5 students, one-day-per week, with capacity to add days or students and to work online
  • Available for sessions which take place either after school hours (3:30 pm to 9 pm) or on weekends
  • Minimum commitment to working with students for a school year, August through early June
  • Willing to teach our summer workshops and provide 1-to-1 coaching during summer — preferred, but not required
How to Apply
Applying is easy. Simply email a cover letter and resume to SOS4Students at or upload your cover letter and resume (as one file) below (.pdf, .doc. .docx, and .txt formats only).

Upload Your Resume

What Parents Tell Us They Need

Below are a few examples of the concerns parents share at intake:

My daughter began complaining of attention issues in middle school. She was recently tested and diagnosed with ADHD…
My son seems to lack the ability to understand the process of planning to complete long-term tasks, academic and otherwise…
My son has always had a decent GPA, yet we sense he is underperforming, and now, in middle school, we see that his grades are trending downward
My daughter needs help putting systems in place for dealing with a number of school-based tasks, including starting projects and long term papers, and studying for tests, especially midterms and finals…