“Jumpstart Your College Essays” is no longer available this season. We are now scheduling “School Year Coaching.” Learn more by clicking the button below and completing our “Coaching Intake Form.”

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 In-Person or Online | Available June to August
Concerned about how to fit the process of college applications and writing college essays into your already packed senior year? Jumpstart Your College Essays is a 6-session summer coaching program for rising 12th-graders who are college-bound and eager to get started college applications.

SOS4Students Jumpstart Writing Your College Essay & Managing Applications
SOS4Students has designed this program to help students craft college essays that speak to their unique strengths and tell their stories. Participants  walk away with final, edited drafts of their personal statements, two essays, and a plan for managing and tracking their applications.

Coaching sessions include . . .
  • Establishing application timelines
  • Identifying and brainstorming essay topics
  • Crafting essays and personal statements that speak to student strengths
  • Setting up college application portals and demographic portions
  • Creating “Brag Sheets”
  • Managing “Letters of Recommendation”
  • Strategies for managing deadlines.
All Students Receive Expert Coaching
  • Coaches have extensive experience with students in grades 8 to 12 and college
  • Coaches have expertise with the college application an essay writing process.
  • Coaches are empathetic and skilled with teaching students of all abilities.
  • Students learn our acclaimed executive function skills and study strategies.

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SOS4Students Jumpstart Writing Your College Essays

Jumpstart Your College Essays
  • Offered June to August
  • Limited weekend availability in September and October
  • 6 (six) 90-minute sessions
  • In-person (Walnut Creek) and online
  • Only $1,998 for 6-session package.


School Year Coaching ›

Jumpstart Your College Essays is Available June to August. We are now scheduling School Year Coaching. Learn more about & complete our Coaching Intake form.

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IMPORTANT: Placement in this coaching program does not guarantee your student a spot in our school year coaching schedule. Students must be on our Fall waiting list to secure a slot for the school year. This program and summer coaching are separate programs entirely. In addition, sessions during the summer do not count as credit towards our initial school year coaching package, which is paid for separately.