Critical Study Strategies for Middle Schoolers



9:00 am to 10:45 am PT
Friday, July 30 & Saturday, July 31, 2021
Lafayette Library (Lafayette, CA)


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Empowering Middle school students to take control over their time and their workload so they can be self-sufficient, independent learners.

» Students should take this workshop if . . .

  • They start 7th or 8th grade this fall
  • They have problems tracking and turning in work
  • They struggle to use their time effectively
  • They have trouble identifying when to advocate for themselves
  • They have difficulty with multi-step instructions and/or assignments with extended due dates
  • You feel they may not be fully set up with the academic skills needed to be successful in middle school, such as note taking
  • They are ready to become more independent and responsible in managing their academics with less parent support
  • They have not previously taken SOS4Students’ Mastering Middle School workshop in 6th grade and could benefit from a refresher.

» Middle School Blitz teaches students to . . .

  • Meet academic challenges
  • Plan for multi-step projects and papers
  • Develop self-advocacy skills
  • Take notes effectively
  • Manage their time
  • Deal with distractions such as cell phones and computers.

Middle School Blitz Teaches Middle School Students the Tools and Strategies They Need to be Successful

Entering 7th and 8th grades, study strategies are essential for students to successfully manage increasingly complex homework, long-term assignments, and outside activities—strategies that are seldom taught in schools.


  • All coaches have extensive experience with middle school students.
  • Coaches are empathetic and skilled with teaching students of all abilities.
  • Participants gain continued access to Google Classroom for additional resources.
  • Attendees learn SOS4Students’ acclaimed executive function skills and study strategies.
Middle School Blitz is a faster paced review of the 6th grade “Mastering Middle School” workshop, specifically for 7th and 8th graders. Students who missed out on Mastering Middle School as incoming 6th graders, or would benefit from reviewing the material prior to 7th or 8th grade, are encouraged to enroll.

Students Learn Skills They Will Use for Years to Come!

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“Jayne took your Middle School Blitz in the fall and loved it – I mean, loved it. Somehow it hit a chord with her. Thank you for the fabulous class.” (Parent)
“SOS4Students has been a life-saver for my 7th grade son.” (Parent)
Between June 1 and July 23, 2021, SOS4 Students offers private workshops for small groups of students who are friends/classmates (minimum group size is four). This is ideal if your students can’t attend one of our workshops on the dates scheduled. Private workshops are help Monday through Friday. We require 30-days notice to design and host a private workshop. Contact us at for more information and for pricing.