Online Learning is Uncharted Territory


SOS4Students is offering online coaching for students and caregivers to address strategies, skills, and approaches necessary to make a successful transition to learning from home.

In three, 50-minute online sessions, we will cover topics such as:

  • How to get started with schoolwork and stay on-task
  • Time management, project management and self-directed learning skills
  • Strategies to keep students accountable for schedules and meeting deadlines
  • How to navigate and use online learning platforms, including ways to overcome videoconferencing “performance anxiety”
  • Self-advocacy (including writing emails and communicating with teachers)
  • Adjusting learning plans, approaches, and accommodations for students with 504s and IEPs.

Delivered via Zoom Videoconferencing and other online platforms.

While no one could have seen this coming, SOS4Students and caregivers can work together to provide students the tools they need to build the confidence, motivation, and self-reliance necessary to engage in at-home learning.

IMPORTANT: This package is specifically designed to help students transition to learning from home. If your student needs continuing executive functioning support, please reach out to SOS4Students at (510) 531.4767 or to learn more about our other online coaching services.

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If you’re not familiar with Zoom, rest easy. Downloading and setting up the Zoom App on your phone, tablet, or laptop is an easy process. To do so, visit the Zoom download page at the website. The Zoom Download page provides various links to download the app for desktop and laptop computers “Zoom Client for Meetings” (PC, Mac, Linux), mobile devices (Apple IOS and Android), Outlook, and several other options.

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