Important Information About Our Workshop Formats

In-Person Workshops

Given the coronavirus and shutdowns, are in-person summer workshops happening this year?
SOS4Students plans to move forward with its full slate of in-person summer workshops. We are working closely with Lafayette Library Learning Center and monitoring updates from the Contra Health Services. Should this change we will let parents, students, and other concerned parties know as soon as possible.
What safety measures are being taken?
Lafayette Library Learning Center has been working diligently in updating their safety protocols.

SOS4Students has reduced the max number for students at our in-person workshops from 12 to 8 to allow for greater social distancing.

Coaches will be wearing face masks and we highly encourage all students to wear face masks as well.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: If your student or someone in your household is ill (including fever, sneezing, coughing, etc), please keep the student home and contact SOS4Students office manager for alternate accommodations for delivery of missed portions of the workshop.

If materials need to be distributed to students (such as paper, note cards, or post-its), coaches will use hand sanitizer before handling materials and handing them out. Alternatively, you can opt to have students bring these and other recommended materials (see FAQ below for more on what we recommend students bring to our workshops).

What if SOS4Students has to cancel in-person workshops?

SOS4Students’ office manager will contact you about alternative options, including online workshops or small group workshops (for an additional fee).

Should your in-person workshop be cancelled, you will have 14 days to respond to SOS4Students regarding your refund.

If a refund is not claimed within 14 days, you will have a credit on file with SOS4Students to use for future SOS4Students services (such as 1:1 coaching, other workshops and webinars, etc).

If you opt for an online workshop, the difference in fee will be refunded, if it is not claimed after 14 days, a credit will be on file to use at a later date.

What are the main benefits for my student to attend an in-person SOS4Students summer workshop?
  • Direct, in-person instruction
  • Opportunity for individualized support as needed
  • Ideal for students who struggled with distance learning
  • Great for students who missed the classroom setting
  • Address the struggles and gives tips and tools for using online learning platforms
  • Reduced screen time
  • Most workshops have weekend availability
Will my students need to bring anything to the workshop?

Laptops and other forms of technology are not required, but if your student benefits from using a laptop or tablet (not cellphone) for note taking, then we highly encourage your student to bring it.

To reduce shared objects between students, we ask that students bring the following materials: their preferred writing implements (pen or pencils), colored pencils or markers/highlighters, eraser, white out, scissors, and a ruler. A small quantity will be available for use and sanitized after use.

We will be providing paper, notecards, and post-it notes (our instructors will use hand sanitizer prior to distribution).

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Online Workshops

How will online workshops be delivered?
  • Live instruction will be delivered via Zoom.
  • The primary platform will be Google Classroom, but we use multiple platforms to deliver content and keep students engaged.
How do you keep students engaged in online learning?

Our coaches all dove into distance learning on day one of school closures, quickly switching from in-person to online sessions with students. They quickly saw the “dos” and “don’ts” to how information was being delivered. Using this knowledge, we integrated our curriculum with online platforms.

Our workshops offer a diverse array of activities, learning modalities, and platforms. These include:

  • Larger group and small group activities (breakout sessions for more individualized support)
  • Fun engaging platforms that include live surveys, drawings, and draw and drop activities
  • Use of multiple learning platforms including Google classroom, Peardeck, Evernote.

Each day of instruction is limited to a max of 1 to 1.5 hours a day (depending on age of participants). We encourage a break at the halfway point (making it into an activity) and use tools including movement to help combat Zoom fatigue.

Coaches and students can converse privately with the chat feature of Zoom to troubleshoot and answer any questions students may have or to check in with students they notice to be struggling with tasks or general focus.

If my student has a learning difference, is an online workshop going to be effective?

Our coaches are experienced working with students with a wide range of learning profiles and executive function challenges, both online and in-person. We will keep all students engaged and continuously monitor progress.

For most students, our online workshops will be equally effective to our in-person workshops. Ultimately, you know your student best, so we must rely on the judgement of parents and caretakers to decide how well the student is able to engage with online learning, knowing that all proper supports and engagement tools will be implemented!

What are the main benefits of online workshops?
  • Students access acclaimed SOS4students content from the comfort of their home (or vacation spot). Distance is not an issue. The student just needs access to the internet and a computer with camera and microphone.
  • Many of the tools and resources our coaches have seen local schools use during distance learning have been integrated into the workshop. Your student will get hands-on experience with many of the platforms they will be using in the classroom and during at-home learning.
  • Students will have continued access to online learning modules.
  • Online workshops require a shorter time commitment each day (max 1.5 hours).
  • Morning and evening sessions are available.
What does my student need to be successful in an online workshop?
  • Access to the internet and a laptop or computer with a camera and audio. This is a live, instructor-led workshop.
  • Their own Google email account (not associated with their school). We will be using Google classroom and most schools do NOT allow outside content to be shared with students via their school emails.
  • Ability to do a split screen on laptop or computer screen of ⅓ Zoom, ⅔ Google classroom.
  • If possible, their own quiet workspace away from distractions, such as siblings and other household members. (Remember, if this workshop was in-person, parents and caregivers would not be present. This allows your student to engage without any outside distractions or pressure.) 
  • Make sure student has a healthy snack or meal prior and a water bottle at their workstation.
  • Cameras are required to be on so we can see that students are engaged. We encourage them to turn off “Self-View” within Zoom if they have reluctance to seeing themselves on camera.
  • If tech can be a distraction, use a blocker such as Self-Control or Cold Turkey.
Do we need any resources or programs prior to taking the workshop?

Students will need access to a Gmail account not associated with their school.

We will be using the following platforms:

If you have questions about any of these items, we recommend you contact SOS4Students at 510-531-4767 or before acquiring/installing.

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