The Essential Skill Not Taught in Schools

FOR STUDENTS ENTERING 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th GRADE

Students learn the tools to take effective notes.


Saturday, August 1, 2020
12:00 pm to 3:30 pm
(3.5 hours)



Students Learn a replicable system for taking notes.

Effective note taking is an essential skill students must learn by the time they reach 9th grade, but many have never been trained.

Many students view note taking as merely a chore or ritual, rather than a useful tool to make their reading and class time more productive.

Our guidance will . . .

  • Help students find note taking styles that work for them.
  • Familiarize students with using notes to complete assignments, prepare essays, and study for tests.
  • Free students from unproductive note taking habits.

We demystify the Note Taking Process By . . .

  • Teaching note taking techniques for different learning styles.
  • Giving students effective methods for organizing notes for different classes or purposes (study, research, etc).
  • Providing a “close reading” strategy to help students identify important information to take notes on.
  • Focusing on learning and retention, both during the note taking process, and review.
  • Explaining how to most effectively use notes for tests and papers.
  • Providing all students with best practice tips for both text and lectures.
This course develops dependable strategies that students can turn to again and again.

This workshop is for your student if your child . . . 

  • Is enrolled in grades 9 to 12
  • Struggles with finding important information on a given page of reading.
  • Takes notes that are unorganized or the organizational system being used does not seem to promote learning and retention
  • Only takes notes when required to by a teacher
  • Has notes but doesn’t know how to use them
  • Copies verbatim from a text book without a sense of what he or she is actually reading
  • Takes too many or too few notes.

All students receive expert instruction

  • Instructors for this course are SOS senior coaches with extensive experience working with teenagers.
  • SOS coaches are empathetic and skilled with teaching students of all abilities. The in-depth experience of our coaches allows them to leverage student strengths to shore up student weaknesses.
  • Whether your student has a learning disability or is an Advanced Placement student tackling more complex assignments, your child will receive the individualized attention needed.

Secrets of Successful Note Taking prepares your student for success!

Low Student to Instructor Ratio
Maximum Individual Attention
3 Hours of Student Workshop Time



“This was really worth getting up for! I’m definitely going to keep and use the stuff they gave me; I’m actually rearranging my backpack to make this easier.” (David S., 16)
“The SOS Note Taking class was the missing link for my son’s academic success and a positive boost for his self confidence!”  (Tammy, parent)

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Cancellations must be made in writing 30 days prior to the workshop. With this notice, cancellations will be refundable minus a $45 service fee. Cancellations in writing within 21-30 days will be refunded half the paid fee. There will be no refunds less than 21 days prior to the workshop. Any student who is disruptive to the workshop or discourteous to teachers or other students will have one brief private discussion with an instructor and a warning. Students will be asked to leave for subsequent disruptions.

Did you know that SOS workshops can be customized for your small group of students, such as your child and 3 of his or her closest friends, or if your child can’t attend a workshop on the dates scheduled?
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