Webinar to Help Parents & Students Achieve Success with At-Home Learning


Tips & Tools for At-Home Learning Success


Recorded April 8, 2020 (approximately 90 minutes)
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Due to the Corona Virus pandemic and its impact on households, schools, and businesses, families across the country are facing the same challenge: how do they encourage a healthy academic experience in the face of distance learning?

  • Many parents and caregivers may be feeling overwhelmed as they try to work remotely and “home school” their children at the same time.
  • Students have been thrown into a new way of learning, needing to tackle the challenges of new platforms, dealing with changes in how they are now receiving information, and ever-present technology distractions.

SOS4Students, the Bay Area’s premier academic coaching company, specializing in executive function skills, has created a 75-minute webinar, Student Distance Learning: A Webinar for Parents and Students in an Ever-Changing Landscape.”

This Webinar Covers . . .

  • Differences between classroom and online learning
  • How parents can encourage students to self-pace in learning without micromanaging
  • How students can combat distractions that come from technology
  • How parents and students can overcome anxiety associated with new routines and the disruption of old ones.
This Webinar is followed by a 15-minute Q&A session with SOS director Beth Samuelson. It also features access to a PowerPoint with resources, tips, and tools.


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