Is Your Child Ready for the Next School Year?


6th to 12th Grade & First Year of College

4 or 6 Sessions

We keep students in the groove and primed for challenges to come.

Summer is a great time to build skills for the upcoming school year.

Just like off-season sports training camps, one-on-one summer academic coaching can help prepare your student for the upcoming academic year.

>> With SOS Summer Coaching, Your Teen Can . . .

  • Strengthen organization, time management and overall executive functioning.
  • Receive one-one-one individualized instruction on specific areas of student need.
  • Get additional support for summer school courses.
  • Improve expository writing and/or reading comprehension.
  • Focus on prep for those entering college in September.

Give Your Student a Leg up on the Year Ahead

For too many students, the enjoyments of summer can coincide with the fading of hard-won knowledge and the weakening of the academic skills they will need more than ever in the new school year.

Coaching during these months keeps teens on the ball and gives them an edge in facing the school year ahead.

>> Benefits of Summer Coaching

  • No homework to juggle
  • Time to focus on specific study strategy areas of concern
  • Customized sessions with talented coaches
  • Opportunity to make significant changes to enhance academic performance
  • Flexible schedule to work around your other summer plans

>> College Transitions Coaching . . .

Give your student the opportunity to get ready for his or her first semester away from home. Prepare him or her with help with:

  • Time-management
  • Scheduling
  • Organization

>> All Students Receive Expert Instruction

Sign up for 4 or 6 sessions with one coach. Depending on the work covered you may, in consultation with your coach, decide to sign up for additional sessions. Coaching sessions are 50 minutes and offered at SOS offices in Walnut Creek and Oakland (Montclair district). Online sessions are also available.


“You’ve given him some great tools and the knowledge that [our son] can accomplish more than he was willing to admit previously. We so appreciate your help!” (Ellen Odza)
“Our son received excellent help in an environment that he loved. SOS also provided expert advice to us as parents on how to help him throughout the week. We learned a lot, as did our son. I feel all students, with or without learning challenges, could benefit from SOS.” (Terry Riggins)

Registration for Summer Coaching 2020 Coming Soon.


IMPORTANT: Placement in our summer coaching program in no way guarantees students a spot on that coach’s schedule for fall or that of any other coach. Students must be on our fall waiting list to secure a slot for the school year.
Summer coaching is a separate program entirely. Sessions during the summer do not count as “credit” towards our initial school year coaching package, which is paid for separately.