Learn Our Secret Formula for Expository Writing


IN-PERSON (only)

12:30 pm to 3:30 pm PT
Monday, July 26 through Wednesday, July 28, 2021
Lafayette Library (Lafayette, CA)


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Writing Rx teaches your high school student the tools and strategies to be a successful writer.

» Students should take this workshop if they . . .

  • Are entering grades 9 through 12
  • Struggle with multi-paragraph writing
  • Are challenged by having to use evidence in writing
  • Freeze up and have trouble getting started with writing assignments
  • Frequently put off writing assignments until just before a due date
  • Struggle to organize their ideas into well-crafted essays.

» Write On teaches students to . . .

  • Turn their ideas or “brainstorms” into organized outlines for their essays
  • Replace “analysis paralysis” with an easy to follow sequence of steps
  • Use a replicable organizational system no matter what the subject or type of writing assignment (literary analysis, argumentative essay, informative essay, or a pro/con paper).
  • Craft thesis statements and construct paragraphs with topic sentences and concluding sentences
  • Structure a coherent essay from hook to conclusion
  • Focus on literature analysis and use of evidence
  • Gather and correlate evidence from multiple sources and analyze and connect evidence to support their theme or claim, including annotation, note taking, and validating their evidence/source.
  • Integrate media and digital materials with text
  • Overcome writer’s block and jumpstart essay assignments
  • Get the help they need from instructors.

Writing Rx is an Intensive, Multi-Day Writing Bootcamp that Teaches High School Students to Write Expository Essays.

Many students approach assignments by jumping from the prompt straight into writing, hoping the essay will emerge fully formed from their heads. Writing Rx gives them the tools and strategies they need to take charge of their expository writing, including ways to overcome writer’s block, organize paragraphs and essays, and gather and validate supporting evidence.


  • All coaches have extensive experience with high school students.
  • Coaches are empathetic and skilled with teaching students of all abilities.
  • Participants gain continued access to Google Classroom for additional resources.
  • Attendees learn SOS4Students’ acclaimed executive function skills and study strategies.

Students Learn Skills They Will Use for Years to Come!

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“Yesterday, (my son) had a paper to write. He used the suggestions from Write On as a way to help him format a cogent, well-articulated paper. The materials are excellent and really made the process much easier for him than it has been in the past. Thank you for giving him an invaluable tool that he can use for the rest of his life.” (Parent)

“SOS was the missing link for my son’s academic success and a positive boost for his self confidence!” (Tammy, parent)

Between June 1 and July 23, 2021, SOS4 Students offers private workshops for small groups of students who are friends/classmates (minimum group size is four). This is ideal if your students can’t attend one of our workshops on the dates scheduled. Private workshops are help Monday through Friday. We require 30-days notice to design and host a private workshop. Contact us at info@sos4students.com for more information and for pricing.